There have been many moments like this

By | July 13, 2017

There have been many moments like this, we are roaring and thrilling, but the world knows nothing about us. I firmly believe that the image is a belief. In this big country of camera manufacture, We would like to use our camera shuttle, to hold up our ambitions of photography. Even it the road ahead is tough and full of uncertain situation, We will carry on and keep moving forward. Sails Chong Workshop 2017
Producer / Studio Next-Image & KRK PRODUCE 株式会社
Camera / Hasselblad
Light / #broncolor
Wedding Veil / Topbridal
Japanese Kimono / Yumekan
Team Leader / Michel Caillet (CH)
Coordinator / Susumu Inomata(JP)
Photography 1 / Sails Chong (CN)
Photography 2 / Kevin Then (MY)
Video Photography / Hoang Nguyen (VN)
Photo Retouch / Studio NEXT-IMAGE Team
Hair & Make-up 1 / Weather Ivy Mak (HK)
Hair & Make-up 2 / Jefi Kao (TW)
Dressing 1 / Makiko Nakagawa(JP)
Dressing 2 / Kaeko Takeoka(JP)
Model 1 / Jara Jennie Roberts (THA)
Model 2 / Be Patchrawan (THA)
Location / #Kyoto, #Japan